Blue-gray Tanager

Every morning I was at the Pura Vida Spa in Costa Rica, I would get up at sunrise to listen to the dawn chorus. After an hour or so, I would walk over to this banana tree that had a bunch of over-ripe fruit. It attracted the wrens, the blue-crowned motmot (pics of him to come later), various hummingbirds and the blue-gray tanager, which was the bird I was most after to get a picture of. The last time I was there, they would fly off anytime I got close. The second time I had a plan, get up early and go sit on the path and quietly wait for them to show up. They did, but once the camera started clicking, they flew off. I managed to get a few shots that morning and later, as I was heading over to watch the blue-and-white swallows do their sunset dance, I saw one lone blue-gray tanager sharing a bare tree with a tropical kingbird.

Fruit for Breakfast!

Fruit for Breakfast!

Who is that girl down there?

Who is that girl down there?

One pose for you!

One pose for you!

I'm outta here!

I’m outta here!

Friend enjoy the last light of the day.

Colourful friends enjoy the last light of the day.

3 Comments on “Blue-gray Tanager”

  1. You got some great shots, Laura love! I didn’t know they existed. Now that I see how absolutely BEAUTIFUL they are, it’s now become a dream bird for me.

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