Flying Across the World

I’m a member of, a project that allows people from all over the world to send postcards. On my profile, I let people around the world know that if they send something with a bird or a tidbit about a bird, I would share it here on I enjoy this project so much…sending a piece of myself to some random stranger in the world, getting a piece of culture, a story, an image from someone many miles away. It sure beats Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons in the mail!

Here are my most recent “bird” related postcards:

From China, birds that will bring me “good luck”. The sender also put some birdy stamps on the card:

"Good Luck" birds from China

“Good Luck” birds from China

Bird stamps from China

Bird stamps from China

Monika from Poland send a postcard with a little note telling me she is from “Dzierzby…a small Polish village”, and that the “Name of a bird influenced the name of the village.” Of course I had to do a little research to find out what bird Dzierzby was named after. Turns out that word is shrike in Polish! So there ya go. A shrike!

A card from Poland

A card from Poland

Dasha, from Moscow, Russia shared with me that her favorite bird is a swan because it is a “beautiful and graceful bird”. I concur!

Swans on Le Pont des Amours

Swans on Le Pont des Amours

Finally, Nicole from Germany sent my favorite so far, a hand-drawn image of an Eagle. Nicole let me know it was “the first bird I drew”. I have to say she did an absolutely amazing job!

Eagle by Nichole M. of Germany

Eagle by Nichole M. of Germany

I hope this will encourage some of my readers to sign up for Postcrossing! Until next time…Happy Birding!

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