Sandhill Cranes

I returned recently from the crane festival in Nebraska, where I witnessed hundreds of thousands of Sandhill Cranes take off at sunrise from the Platte river. They landed in nearby cornfields where they spent most of the day. The weather sucked. I hadn’t been that cold since I was on the Pennine Way last April. My iPhone wouldn’t turn on and my lens froze and condensation was all over it. Still, a few shots turned out decent enough to share. I’ve not had time to really go through and process all the photos but wanted to share one with you at least! I also was able to see the Greater Prairie-chicken perform their mating dance on the lek. THAT was something! The whole trip was awesome despite the cold. I hope you enjoy the pic and if you can make it there next year, I highly recommend it!

Sandhill Cranes in the cornfields of Nebraska.

Sandhill Cranes in the cornfields of Nebraska.

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