Sunrise 10.28.2013 with a Red-shouldered Hawk

I woke up before the sun rose. Not on purpose mind you, but I just couldn’t fall back asleep. So I made a cup of coffee and went out to the patio to watch the sunrise over the lake. As the sun was coming up I could hear a lot of warbler noise but I couldn’t see anything but ducks on the water. I could hear the mockingbird starting to sing, ever so gently. The blue jays began their squawking. I went out to snap a pic of the sun rising when something caught my eye in the palm tree. It was a juvenile red-shouldered hawk having a sunrise breakfast right there in the palm.

I took a video and snapped a pic, and so goes a morning of backyard birding:

Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk at Sunrise

Juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk at Sunrise 

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