The Checklist

This book is big!

This book is big!

The Clements Checklist of Birds of the World. This is one big-ass birding checklist! I had no idea when I ordered it how big and all-encompassing it would be. It’s nothing but the list. Of every bird known in the world. The Amy Farrah Fowler in me squealed with delight over the idea of such an organizational undertaking. Then, I realized how few birds I have actually seen in the wild and how many I need to see, how many I’ll probably never get to see. Sigh.

2 Comments on “The Checklist”

  1. cool – how many are there??? I am interested… but I believe, I would also be very depressed, if I realize that I will never be able to see or photograph the majority of these birds…

    • Hi Matthias! There are about 10,000. It’s a pretty cool book. No pics, just a list but it has all the subspecies and places for notes. It also lists, by country, how many species are in each and how many are endemic. We’ll just have to take more holidays to birding locales! 😉

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