February Sketches

A page from my No Excuses Art Journal. A few birdy portraits!
The Barn Owl is the only one I haven’t seen in the wild so I’m doing some active visualization and hoping the law of attraction works in my favor and I’ll add one to the life list soon! 😉
The Ruby-throated Hummingbird showed up for the first time this year in the garden last weekend. I have a resident pair of Cardinals and I saw the Cedar Waxwing at Tall Cypress two weekends ago.
What will March bring?

Birdy Portraits!

Birdy Portraits!

13 Comments on “February Sketches”

  1. I am a new-ish birder and I started keeping an illustrated life list- it helps so much with memorizing the birds. I just came back from the Florida Gulf and added about 15 birds to my list- I’ll be posting pictures on my blog!

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