Savannah Sparrows

This past weekend Lita and I went birding on Merritt Island. It was really windy and quite chilly. That made for a great opportunity to snap some Savannah Sparrows that were warming up in the parking area of Black Point. They let us get within a couple of feet so we got down on our bellies and shot them at their level. They are tiny little things, just under 5 inches. Although I only added the Hooded Merganser to my life list, I did see tons of species and got some great shots of birds that I didn’t have pictures of. Plus, I shared a connected moment with a Scrub Jay and almost got eaten by a gator. That made for a magical weekend!

Wintering in Florida. Officially a snow bird! 😉

The Over-the-shoulder Model pose

The Over-the-shoulder Model pose

Field marks: pink feet, yellow spot before the eye, streaky breast, small head, notched tail.

Girl Birder checks out a Bald Eagle.

Girl Birder checks out a Bald Eagle.


2 Comments on “Savannah Sparrows”

  1. That’s when the day’s magic moments began. Your pics and compilation bring the birdy happiness all back 😃❤️

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