It’s that time of year again!


Fall Migration is starting to heat up here in South Florida. Birders are all excited about a Canada Warbler that has been spotted in both Evergreen Cemetery and Richardson Park, two birding hot spots. I wish I had the time this week to go chase this migratory bird, but alas, it may be one that I miss out on. I did manage to snag a sighting of a Worm-eating Warbler this past weekend at Tall Cypress Nature Reserve, a bird that had eluded me during Spring Migration. I also added both the Veery and the Scarlet Tanager to my Life List, which currently stands at 313. I also got my best image so far of a Eastern Wood-Pewee, which I saw for the first time last fall in Arkansas. What will the next birdy outing yield? Time to put on the bins and go find out!

Scarlet Tanager, Female Scarlet Tanager

Eastern Wood-PeweeEastern Wood Pewee

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